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"Working with
our dental consultants
will positively impact
your productivity, practice efficiency, as well as your professional and personal growth."

Dental Evolutions is your local Raleigh, dental consulting group offering customized strategic action plans for quality systems development and improvements for both new and established dental practices. Results are tremendous growth in productivity and dental practice efficiency, as well as personal and professional growth.

Hiring & Training Dental Staff
  • Effective ads and time-saving interviews
  • Employee policies and manual
  • Establishing accountability
  • Effective staff meetings

Team Motivation and Professional Development Workshops
  • “The Top Team Theorem”
  • “The Perfect Patient Process”
  • “Hygiene Evolutions”
  • “Treatment Acceptance with Motivation to Pay”

Expert and Efficient Scheduling
  • The “Practically Perfect Day”- ideal scheduling templates
  • Increase production and reduce stress
  • More time for patients!

Marketing Action Plans to Gain and Retain Patients
  • Internal strategies and communication skills
  • External plans using innovative and economic ideas
  • Website editing and maintenance (PBHS, Officite, The Online Practice)
  • Facebook Page management
  • Linked In Page management

Patient Care: Clinical Clues & Profitable Hygiene
  • Clinical comforts and technology
  • Briefing: the patient-doctor-staff “handoff”
  • Dental Assisting tips
  • Periodontal guidelines and proper dental coding
  • Effective recare/recall systems and patient retention
  • Progress treatment notes and documentation
Dental Treatment Plan Acceptance & Creative Payment Options
  • Patient education and informed consent
  • Financial guidelines and dental insurance billing strategies
  • Creative and motivational payment options
  • Accounts receivable control and collection tracking

Powerful and Profitable Practice Analysis
  • Analysis of overhead, cash flow, and operating expenses
  • Statistical forecasting and goal setting
  • Monthly practice monitors and recommendations
  • Bonus strategies


Professional Dental Practice Transitions & Associate Dentists:

Our recommended brokerage services will provide you with an individualized plan to achieve your Vision. Step-by-Step, we will meet your needs whether you are a dentist retiring, selling your dental practice, buying an exisiting dental practice, merging or acquiring a dental practice, relocating or in need of an Associate Dentist position. Dental Evolutions and a team of trusted advisors will help you develop a sound strategy for your individual needs and vision. Once you accomplish the dental practice transition, our dental consulting experts will guide you through the best infrastructure for your "Perfect Practice", resulting in tremendous professional and personal growth.

If you would like more information on the following services, click here for a list of Dental Evolutions experienced dental advisors:

  • Dental Practice Management
  • Dental Advisors
  • Website Design
  • Marketing & Promotional Distributions
  • Dental Practice Transition
  • Dental Practice Acquisition 
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Office Design & Construction
  • Interior Design & Renovations
  • Dental Equipment & Supplies
  • Attorney - Legal Advice
  • Accounting - CPA
  • Banking and Loans
  • Wealth Management
  • CPR Certifications
  • OSHA/HIPAA Comlplance