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"Working with
Dental Evolutions
will positively impact
your productivity, practice efficiency as well as your professional and personal growth."

Our team will help:

  • Maximize the use of your computer system SW and HW
  • How to Choose and Evaluate Dental SW and HW Systems
  • Efficient and Practical Placement of Computers
  • Business and Treatment Room Computers
  • Computer Conversion Planning
  • Becoming the “Paperless Practice” 
  • Acting Liaison to your Computer SW Company
  • Integrating Digital Dental Radiography and Imaging Modules
  • Update Computer Dental SW and HW
  • Networking
  • System Cleanup and Maintenance

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“Renee has been a Godsend in the evolution of computerization in my practice. She has been with us as we progressed from a DOS-based front desk program to a window-based front desk/clinical/digital radiography program. She instructs and interacts well with the staff and doctors, her students; both in a group lecture and an individual instruction scenario. Those fortunate enough to be her students become members of her extended family and her concern continues. “

Ted Strickland, DDS
Rocky Mount, North Carolina